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Mysteries of Karkonosze


Discover the Underground Kingdom of Mountain Spirit!

Mysteries of Karkonosze will carry you over to the mysterious world. We will meet the Mountain Spirit eye to eye and you will get in touch with legends and history of Karkonosze. You will find the incredible labourer, glass-blower, Walończycy and horrifying Mandragora. Thanks to the interactive character of underground kingdom you can participate in the life of former Karkonosze inhabitants. Incredible game of light and sound will intensify your feelings and experiences.

  • Why Mountain Spirit is called Turnipcounter?
  • How to create the Philosopher’s Stone?
  • Rain Evoking Machine and Magic Drum – do they really exist?
  • What the Alchemical Chamber of Four Elements really stands for?

The answers for above questions and many others can be found in the Mysteries of Karkonosze…



Karkonoskie Tajemnice


ul. Mickiewicza 1a

58-540 Karpacz

Phone. +48 75 76 19 999
Phone. +48 880 005 003

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